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We came across this incredibly practical nugget in GENTRY, a cool men's culture magazine from 1953. This helpful how-to, is for the world travellers and weekend warriors alike. We hope to find or make more like this and start a great reference series inspired by and pulled from, the classics.


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World News

economist.pngBetween bouts of debauchery, we're always on the lookout for ways to better ourselves. Nothing in modern media is more frustrating than the lack of news media for educated people. Alas, citing time to read it as the major factor, we let our Economist print subscription lapse. What a pleasant surprise it was to find the audio version. It is a complete top to bottom (including the letters section) reading of the magazine. It alternates between male and female voices with lovely British accents.

liberty-pocketsq.jpgFor better or worse, we've noticed a lot more gentleman wearing pocket squares of late. As a fashion accessory, we whole heartedly endorse it. Keep in mind, the pocket square need not match the tie. In fact, it is preferable that it doesn't.

Some of our favorite pocket squares are made by Liberty in London. The image above is a selection of Liberty pocket squares. We are big fans of the embroidered edge, though they do make them in finished edges as well.

Aperol 86'

aperol.jpgOkay, Summer is winding down, though it is still 93 degrees in New York City, so it's time to enjoy a last few rounds of beautiful summer cocktails. If you've had your fill on the sweet and syrupy Pimm's Cups, try an Aperol 86' or an Aperol spritzer.

How to Tie a Bowtie

We scoured the web (and a few books) for functional instructions on how to tie a bow tie. It's a confounding experience until it clicks and you finally understand where and how those folds find their way to a perfect ribbon of style.

bway17th.jpgemail us the name of the artist.


Takamichi Hair

IMG_0089.JPGTakamichi Hair has embraced the Japanese style of installing a walk-in store on the upper floors. You ride a manually operated, industrial freight elevator to the 7th floor where Takamichi Hair occupies a wide-open loft on the most sought-after block of real estate in downtown manhattan.

Modern Link

modern-link1.jpgModern Link is one of many great stores filled with the never-ending beauty of modern Scandinavian furniture. What sets it apart is their charming, down-to-earth staff and atmosphere. They don't take a holier-than-thou approach to shilling Danish flea-market wares to us deprived American aesthetes. They are genuinely interested in great design and want to share it with you.

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