iPhone - update

Update at the bottom regarding applications for the phone.

A friend just asked our opinions about the iPhone. So here it is:


What I hated about my Treo, the iphone has in spades.

• It makes and receives calls very well
• it is a good size
• it has a beautiful screen
• it replaces my ipod (pretty fun to walk down the street and the music fades out as a call comes in)
• the mail feature works (see negatives below)
• the internet feature actually works (Not sure about 'In Theory' but in practice we can't update Wordpress blogs, and haven't had much luck updating MovableType Blogs)
• the map feature pretty much works (it can't seem to find some very simple addresses and stores in Manhattan)
• it syncs with our macs fairly well (problem being entourage to address book syncing is weak and Apple's address book software is worthless)
• still trying to get the calendar entries on the phone to sync with the computer properly
• the camera is pretty good. All photos on this site are taken with the iPhone
• the photos on the phone on a beautiful screen is a pretty snazzy update to the picture in the wallet.

What is rather infuriating with the iPhone are simple software issues, but very frustrating:

• the contacts are based on apple’s Address book. This is playshool software at best.
• you can only list someone as a name or a business name and not see both at the same time (in a list)
• there is no search feature!! I have 3500 contacts, when I’m not calling a friend I rarely know the name of the person I’m calling. So if I can’t do a search for ‘editor’ I’ll never find those people on my phone.
• The mail doesn’t have any bulk mail management. You have to delete each message individually. I get 300+ messages a day. So if I actually tried to download them all on my phone I would be fucked.
• This is hearsay, but worrisome:
- apple says it will not let developers create stand-alone applications for the phone.
• **UPDATE** I was just sent this application installer for iPhones you can download it from Null River. This is the most promising news since my $100 rebate.

• this update renders a lot of the rest of this note null - { instead applications will be based on Web 2.0 type apps for Safari. This immediately brings to mind the application I used daily on my Treo – Vindigo which downloaded info each time I synced and so it was available at the touch of a button. It is rather unrealistic to think that all apps will need to make an internet connection every time you want to use them. (Safari on the phone doesn't seem to cache the pages - it redownloads them when you browse away to another page. The internet connect is just not that fast. So this as a problem. There could be an amazing amount of useful tools if they could be hard drive based.}

I can’t comment on battery life yet. I haven’t really put it to the test. Considering I can just plug it into my laptop it hasn’t been hard to keep charged. But I also haven’t been out in the field for a good full day away from the office or on a long weekend getaway without the computer.


I was at the MoMA recently, checking out the Richard Serra exhibit and the catalog mentioned a Podcast for the walkthrough. I pulled out my iPhone (against the law to use a phone in a cultural institution in NYC - I'll plead the iPod) I surfed to the MoMA address in the catalog and was able to launch the quicktime within Safari and listen to the Podcast as I walked through the towering steel sculptures. But, because it couldn't download the file, it didn't actually interact with the itunes functionality and quicktime couldn't tell what to do with the chapter breaks in the podcast. So i got a great introduction to the exhibit and that was it. Cool idea though.

Here's a good comparison with Blackberry from Slate magazine.


And finally. Most of what this young man has to say is true.

"The iPhone is a piece of shit and so is your face..."

Catchy title anyway.

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