October 2007 Archives

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A World of Socks

socks1.jpgIt would appear that ties, however much we love them, now have competition from their downstairs neighbors. It is the sock's day in the sun. One should take as much care in matching (or mismatching) their socks as you would a shirt or tie. It is time to find some color and infuse some style in the nether-regions of the fashion body. If you're hiding behind plain black (or potentially worse, plain white) it's time to stretch out.

oatmeal1.jpgIt is cranberry season, and the fresh cranberries looked too good to pass up at Whole Foods. These cranberries were destined for breakfast preparation but we found a distinct lack of good cranberry oatmeal recipes on line or in any of our favorite cookbooks. So we went to the Dandy and Wit kitchen laboratory and sorted it out. Here's what we discovered.

graham_kerr.jpgWe just pulled this gem out of the archives to get back to good old fashioned bird trussing, beef roasting and fine arts of puddings and pies. Okay, it actually wasn't in the collection until just recently, a gift from thoughtful friends (thanks Josh & Andy).

Graham Kerr was the international king of culinary television in the in the 1970s. For one season he even had a five minute show that was later picked up by CNN in its first year of programming.

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beyondnosetotail.jpgMore omnivorous recipes for the adventurous cook.

We had the unique opportunity to join a dinner at Savoy restaurant in NYC, where they were celebrating the release of "Beyond Nose to Tail"? with recipes from the book, prepared by guest chefs, and authors thereof, Fergus Henderson and Justin Piers Gellatly. Beyond Nose to Tail is the follow up to Mr. Henderson's well reviewed first collection of recipes, "The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating"?

Both books are dedicated to finer points of enjoying every part our beasty friends have to offer. From trotters to ears and everything in between. The book is a great read, written with love and appreciation, and filled with nuggets that we can't wait to plagiarize, like:

Crosby & Broome Street

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coloourlovers1.jpgThe aesthetes at Colour Lovers always have a beautiful and comprehensive breakdown of the current trends in color. From websites, to clothes to this month's top 20 magazine covers they break it down, break it out and analyze the choices, palettes and use of all things color.

These pics are just a selection from a very elegant story about the colors used in the very first printing of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900).

Tokyo Bar

tokyo_bar1.jpgThe well lit, subteranean bar was filled with a very pleasant crowd not too hip to be friendly and not so financial district to keep us at bay. The dining room is on the street level and we really love it. The tables are spacious and set comfortably apart. The manga wallpaper and neon accents a very fresh change of pace from the usual restaurant decor.

This is exactly the kind of restaurant we want to love. We want to hang out here enjoying a good sesame shochu and pretending like you can still smoke in restaurants, but alas, the food left us wanting.

Barker Black

barker%2Bblack.jpgThe shoes caught our eye, but the bow-ties held our attention. I know skull and cross bones are dead, but, not when done by professionals (and clearly Barker Black is just that). So the the brogues with perforated Skull & Cross bones are nothing short of beautiful. I'll take black and brown please.