The Graham Kerr Cookbook

graham_kerr.jpgWe just pulled this gem out of the archives to get back to good old fashioned bird trussing, beef roasting and fine arts of puddings and pies. Okay, it actually wasn't in the collection until just recently, a gift from thoughtful friends (thanks Josh & Andy).

Graham Kerr was the international king of culinary television in the in the 1970s. For one season he even had a five minute show that was later picked up by CNN in its first year of programming.

The book is filled with some distinctly British ingredients, like kidneys, hearts, and sweetbreads, but also finds time for huevos rancheros and some squid dishes. The real beauty of this tome is the information display, from step-by-step photos, which have seemingly been abandoned in so many contemporary culinary how-tos, to charts of measure for each recipie with USA, IMPERIAL and METRIC.

click image to enlarge

As well the inclusion of handy charts outlining the cuts of meat from various animals remind you where that Pork Shank or the Spanish Neck of Lamb actually is on the animal. Head to amazon and pull this one in. You'll appreciate it.


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