dopplr3.jpgAround here we are suckers for expanding the social graph and here's our new favorite, This new networking site allows you to share your travel schedules with contacts. The site is currently in beta and open to subscription only (don't worry, the dandies travel, here's a sneak peek). From syncing with iCal to linking with your flickr account, the Dopplr crew appear to be on the right track. We haven't had a chance to play around with it much (I guess that means we should travel more), but what we've seen we like.

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The site has a simple and elegant design - from the boarding lounge login, to the color bar logo, to the clean simple lines of the management screens, it stands above it's college-aged networking compatriots.

Dopplr also just opened up their subscription base to 100 distinguished companies and 100 top MBA programs. So check their rosters and if you have a valid email address at one of the lucky 200 you're in.

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Did we mention that they use OpenID for logins? We love that.

See where your friends are and where they are going, in a list or map.

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