Last Exit To Nowhere

lastexit1.jpgWhile we don't usually encourage t-shirts as a fashion choice, our inner film fan beat out the inner fashion snobbery when we found Last Exit to Nowhere.  Designer Mike Ford launched this Nottingham based T-shirt atelier in June 2007. Each design is based on fictitious companies born out of twentieth century fiction. You of course recognize Weyland-Yutani Corporation as Ripley's employer from the Alien series of films.

Some are more esoteric than others, take the Ludovico Technique, the names of the doctors who designed the brain-washing experience for Malcolm McDowell's character in Clockwork Orange.


The seed was planted for L.E.T.N a few years back when Ford created a Hudsucker tee for personal use which now represents one of the more than twenty-five designs. Comedy fans will be happy to see another entity from the minds of the brothers Cohen, Lebowski's urban achievers.


Keep checking back as they regularly add new designs and upcoming additions include ladies fitted tshirts, hooded tops and XXL+ fashions.

Check them out:

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