muji.jpgWe have long been fans of Muji. I can't say we've been using too much of the A4 stationary, but the multi-colored ball points are nice. I've coveted the sleek simplicity of their CD and DVD players for years. They are matte black boxes with three buttons and no writing. It would seem that most electronics makers still believe the world will be baffled by a series of buttons on media players that can make your music or picture pause, play or skip forward, without a dictionary worth of information backed up by false promises of useless audio and picture filters to undo countless hours of careful sound mixing and color correction. But I digress.

Having only enjoyed the London and Paris stores, it was with pure delight that we found the Tokyo stores also have snacks! All sorts of savory rice crackers, delicious sweet treats, mysterious red bean everything and a cafeteria to boot. But now, alas, New Yorkers can rejoice, Muji is coming to Soho. At noon on November 16, Muji will open it's first US store. (don't be fooled by the outlet at MoMA, it is frightfully lacking).

It appears that they will not be carrying any food just yet, but what is most exciting are the fashions. Muji clothes for men and women, are simple, elegant, utilitarian, cool, functional - it is a Japanese redesign of the best of early Gap-meets- Hennes & Mauritz, for the Logan's Run cast.

Enjoy. We will.

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