Seat Guru

seatguru.jpgGone are the days of good service in the cattle class of contemporary airlines. You can't even count on the checking steward to be of any help describing what seat you will actually be sitting in. Being prepared is the best bet for relaxing travel. Seat Guru is all things airline seats. It let's you know where you are sitting, what amenities, how close you're sitting to the lavatory or the exit row.

From the Seat Guru Site:

* Select the airline you are flying using the alphabetized menu on the left.
* From the airline's General Information page, navigate the airline's information pages for tips on Check-in, Baggage, Unaccompanied Minors and Traveling with Infants and Pets.
* Once the General Information page has launched, a list of planes that the airline flies will open in the left hand menu.
* Select the aircraft you are flying.
* Mouse over the seats in the seatmap to view seat descriptions and comments.
* Find the plane description, seat pitch, and seat width in the table at the top of the page.
* Amenity Icons show the in-flight services available on your airplane, click on them for additional detail.

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