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igdt.jpgWe will keep software recommendations to a bare minimum on these pages but, I've been meaning to drop a note on this morsel for quite some time. iGTD is a task-managment application designed by a boy-genius from Wroclaw, Poland. Bartek Bargiel, a mac enthusiast and mensch, created this little application and has unleashed it on the world as donationware. I am not going to get into the minutia of what it does, suffice it to say, it works. And it works very, very well. It is the embodiement of modern design in code. Simple, elegant, form from  function.

Visit Bartek's website: bargiel.home.pl
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apcs2008.jpgWell, it is one of our favorite stores! That's why.

The APC spring collection just touched down. Our pick from the men's collection is the double breasted trench coat.



I personally carry a custom designed red python-skin wallet by Shelly Parker. But alas, that one is going to need retirement soon and I've found it's replacement. The new line of men's accessories by Güs look fantastic. They have created both horizontal and vertical wallets as well as our favorite, a beautiful passport folio.

Black Fluted Mega

black-fluted.jpgWe have long been fans of Royal Copenhagen. In fact it is possible that in our book, they could do no wrong. So it is with great delight that we found these merchants of reliability had veered off course, after 231 years, into the seductive world of darkness. Enter the Black Fluted Mega.

Tablet Hotels

home-buenosaires.jpgThis one didn't get posted in time to make the holiday travel collection. But, we decided not to leave it hanging as it is now more relevant than ever. Tablet Hotels sends our favorite daydream inducing email newsletter. Tablet Hotels curates the best collection of boutique and luxury hotels from around the world.

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New York of Yesteryear


It was in early months of 1990 when filmmaker Michael Galinsky turned his still photo lens on one of the many 'street markets' that found a home in New York City's East Village.

This particular market was on the perimeter of the parking lot on Astor between Cooper Sq. and Lafayette, now the site of the neighborhood's newest architectural atrocity.

Galinsky sums up not just the street market but the east village itself, "I loved the mixture of goods; as you can see in the book, one "store" carried a Trump book next to a text on Marxism, next to some porn, next to some hinduism next to a book about Van Gogh."

Watch the slide show here.