jacobs-lv.jpgThis very charming documentary by French filmmaker Loïc Prigent, follows uber-fashion maven, Marc Jacobs through the creation and presentation of the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuiton Spring Collections 2007 (with a brief stop in Tokyo where they staged a recreation of the Fall 2006 LV collection - and a mad party).

The doc is a very candid and unique peek behind the curtain at Jacob's remarkable hands-on involvement with every aspect of both lines. Though the doc claims that Jacob's doesn't drink or do drugs, he did find his way into rehab in March 2007, six months after the cameras rolled. So, one wonders if this is a portrait of a man on the edge, working insane hours in an insane business, teetering on the edge of relapse, or if the man we see on screen is simply the mad genius of the fashion world with edge that propels season after season though provoking lines.

The documentary is currently airing on Sundance Channel. Check the site for listings.

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