Single Purpose Tweet Machine

Those crafty cat's at Poke have done it again, this time Baker Tweet. (We were very big fans of the elegantly simple site they made - find the new iPhone app for that one here).


Dandy and Wit has been touting the imminent rise of Twitter since the early days. Twitter is just now starting to really shine, and it is projects like this that really warm our hearts.  Baker Tweet is an exercise in focused purpose that can not be beaten or whipped. The idea is a big stable analog interface for up-to-the-minute tweeting about freshly baked goods.

The box is programmed via a website with the most likely baked goods to pop from your oven.  Then, with floury fingers, a tray of hot crossed-buns in one hand and your other on the dial, you can easily and simply alert the world to your latest creation without damaging the keyboard or voiding the warranty.

A true steam-punk kitchen accessory and perhaps the first single-purpose Twitter box. We love it.


Check in at for a look at how it was done.  Or bounce to the Albion Cafe, home of the first installation.

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