Topsy Design

From an originality perspective, if you can't go bespoke, perhaps the next best thing is a well preserved vintage number. (Though we have an incredibly low tolerance from trolling through racks of motley cast-offs). The solution comes from two transplanted New Yorkers with their Los Angeles based online collection of gorgeous finds at Topsy

Sacred Sands from TOPSY on Vimeo.

It comes as no surprise that couple and co-curators, Jared Frank and Samantha Jacober come from a background in film, behind and in front of the camera respectively.  Their collection looks like the greatest hits of a stylists-closet-meets-the-set-decorator's-trailer.

The Topsy Design collection is displayed in an elegant and stripped down blog format, so grab their RSS feed and plug it into your favorite reader to stay up-to-date on their most recent finds.

Over at the Dandy and Wit HQ we've been eyeing this Walrus Hide Bag.


walrus hide bag
13" height, 19.5" length, 7" width

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