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Cloth of the Sun

Now that the holidays are over and you're banishing the tasty decadence of the season, we recommend heading back into your own kitchen.  These dish towels will brighten up any rack or oven.  (Maybe it's time for a little gift to yourself).

Les Toiles du Soleil has been making this beautiful cloth for 150 years from the French Catalonian town of Saint Laurent de Cerdans. Although it has switched hands and families a few times over the last century, the latest incarnation brings us the most fantastic colors around. Think of a rough hewn Paul Smith stripe in durable thick cotton weave.


Those crafty cat's at Poke have done it again, this time Baker Tweet. (We were very big fans of the elegantly simple site they made - find the new iPhone app for that one here).


Dandy and Wit has been touting the imminent rise of Twitter since the early days. Twitter is just now starting to really shine, and it is projects like this that really warm our hearts.  Baker Tweet is an exercise in focused purpose that can not be beaten or whipped. The idea is a big stable analog interface for up-to-the-minute tweeting about freshly baked goods.

This accessory hails from England, via our favorite trove of hipster-everything Colette. While the slight reduction in eco-impact may not be the easiest sell, anything in gold leather is always worth a second glance.


It goes without saying that we love coffee.  At home the french press rules, at the office it's a thermal carafe. But neither offer a good, quick, low maintenance cup of espresso.  Enter the AeroPress from Aerobie. (yes the makers of your favorite flying ring).


Author Mark Robinson opens the door to the recipes and customs of one of the world's best pub food cultures, Japanese Izakaya. This is the first English language tome to explore the variety of small plates and comfort food that make up the Izakaya menu - which rarely makes it's way west.

This bearded bunch are artisanal chocolatiers based in Williamsburg.  The Brothers Mast set up shop in an old factory and plan to start their own self styled chocolate revolution.  We simply appreciate a solitary focus on craft, especially when it ends with a sweet dessert. 


Sundaes & Cones

I promise it won't be often that we revisit old posts but, the unbearable heat of summer is keeping our better judgment at bay, and so here it is, and there we were, enjoying some of the most delicious ice cream this side of Pacific. Sundaes and Cones is an old fashioned Japanese ice cream parlor.


The Wolseley


Alas, we haven't had the opportunity to visit in person, but if the cake stand alone is any indication, it is not to be missed.

"The Wolseley was created by Chris Corbin and Jeremy King in 2003 in the style of the Grand Café normally only found on the Continent. The original building was commissioned in 1921 by Wolseley Cars as their West End showroom and was designed by William Curtis Green in the Art Deco style of the time. In keeping with the Grand Cafe tradtion and to match the opulence of the interior, a range of equipment inspired by the era was sourced, some antique and others bespoke."

The Wolseley has started a web store to sell selections of their exceedingly popular table and glassware. The Black & White Cake Stand with Cloche is £165.00.

maekake from Ichiroya

ichiro1.JPGIf you hadn't guessed by the recent spate of cooking posts, we are culinary fans. We're captivated by everything from tasty dishes to kitchen toys to cook's fashions. This excelent number comes from Ichiro at Ichiroya Flea Market in Osaka, Japan. This is a classic Japanese store or factory apron. The one pictured above says "Miyoshi Soap Factory." Ichiro has an excellent and ever changing collection.

oatmeal1.jpgIt is cranberry season, and the fresh cranberries looked too good to pass up at Whole Foods. These cranberries were destined for breakfast preparation but we found a distinct lack of good cranberry oatmeal recipes on line or in any of our favorite cookbooks. So we went to the Dandy and Wit kitchen laboratory and sorted it out. Here's what we discovered.

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