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Robots, Cubelets

At the Dandy and Wit research lab, we've been exploring modular robotics and the practical integration of automated workerbots in modern labor force. Until we've got a working prototype, we can recommend Cubelets.


Yes, I know, it appears that lately I've just been posting APC press releases. Alas, I'm busy and a sucker for some cool APC gear.

iPad Case $225


Those crafty cat's at Poke have done it again, this time Baker Tweet. (We were very big fans of the elegantly simple site they made - find the new iPhone app for that one here).


Dandy and Wit has been touting the imminent rise of Twitter since the early days. Twitter is just now starting to really shine, and it is projects like this that really warm our hearts.  Baker Tweet is an exercise in focused purpose that can not be beaten or whipped. The idea is a big stable analog interface for up-to-the-minute tweeting about freshly baked goods.

Take Back The Wall

While we just moved into a lush new HQ on Howard Street, wall space is still at a premium.  As we sit and wait for the heated arguments about decoration to subside, we'll turn the walls into our planning ground.  World domination never looked easier than when the entire wall becomes the map.

IdeaPaint takes your plain white walls and transforms them into the dry-erase battleground for corporate tactical intrigue.  One Gallon covers 50 sq ft.

We're sold. Now where's the paint-on roof deck?



IdeaPaint via Behance Outfitters

A Phone for Us

A breath of fresh air in the world of internet telephony.   Hulger brings us the Pappa Phone. This beauty is hand-crafted from walnut with brass details.  A steampunk dream that would spruce up any desk or laptop station.


iPhone Gloves

dots-gloves.jpgI'm sure it has plagued us all, those cold days walking down the street trying to make a call or send a text, the great debate. Take off the glove or just keep going.

DOTS has brought a simple solution to hand. Take a gander. Their metal-tipped knit-wear will transfer the conductivity to the sensitive touch screen. Dial away.

Thanks Jacob


igdt.jpgWe will keep software recommendations to a bare minimum on these pages but, I've been meaning to drop a note on this morsel for quite some time. iGTD is a task-managment application designed by a boy-genius from Wroclaw, Poland. Bartek Bargiel, a mac enthusiast and mensch, created this little application and has unleashed it on the world as donationware. I am not going to get into the minutia of what it does, suffice it to say, it works. And it works very, very well. It is the embodiement of modern design in code. Simple, elegant, form from  function.

Visit Bartek's website:
Give Bartek well deserved Donation Here



We have little to say about little Tengu. Beautiful, elegant, simple, concise. Plug him into your usb port and one of his numerous faces interact with the sounds in the room. He'll sing along, he'll parody the boss, he'll even give a face to the screaming sirens of New York City.

Tengu Official Website

Available in America from Moss

From Solid Alliance

Seat Guru

seatguru.jpgGone are the days of good service in the cattle class of contemporary airlines. You can't even count on the checking steward to be of any help describing what seat you will actually be sitting in. Being prepared is the best bet for relaxing travel. Seat Guru is all things airline seats. It let's you know where you are sitting, what amenities, how close you're sitting to the lavatory or the exit row.


deskotopia.jpgWell, while we don't often go in for the gimmicks, we are certainly all about aestheticizing our own realities. Spending ten plus hours a day in front of the computer tends to get very repetitive. Here's an option for automating that desktop image without having to cruise your favorite blue site or manga publisher. (or i suppose you all have bookmarked as well).

Pop over to Desktoptopia and download a 10 day trial.

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