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Burton, Love

burton_love2.jpgIn honor of the Sundance Film Festival, currently in full swing in Park City, Utah, we decided to look to the mountains for inspiration.  While we know that sports and scantily clad women go hand in hand, as easily as a Liberty print and a pocket square, rarely do we find taste and restraint in those same circles.   Enter the Burton Love line of snowboards.  The top graphics of these boards feature perfectly posed beauties in the buff, the photography an homage to the fetching soft-core of 70's era Playboy spreads.  The base of the boards don more revealing posterior profiles.   In an era of excess, dumbed down, over-the-top everything and far too liberal nostalgic looting, these boards have found a way to land on the side of class and not kitsch.

Available Size: 152, 155, 158, 162
Price: US$429.00

In New York: Paragon Sports

graham_kerr.jpgWe just pulled this gem out of the archives to get back to good old fashioned bird trussing, beef roasting and fine arts of puddings and pies. Okay, it actually wasn't in the collection until just recently, a gift from thoughtful friends (thanks Josh & Andy).

Graham Kerr was the international king of culinary television in the in the 1970s. For one season he even had a five minute show that was later picked up by CNN in its first year of programming.

We came across this incredibly practical nugget in GENTRY, a cool men's culture magazine from 1953. This helpful how-to, is for the world travellers and weekend warriors alike. We hope to find or make more like this and start a great reference series inspired by and pulled from, the classics.


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