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We have little to say about little Tengu. Beautiful, elegant, simple, concise. Plug him into your usb port and one of his numerous faces interact with the sounds in the room. He'll sing along, he'll parody the boss, he'll even give a face to the screaming sirens of New York City.

Tengu Official Website

Available in America from Moss

From Solid Alliance

Jordan Mattos

mattos1.jpgIt seems we're on a t-shirt bender this month, but we can't help ourselves. This is the other end of the spectrum from Last Exit to Nowhere. Jordan Mattos designs beautiful, hand-drawn artworks inspired by classic films on plain white T-shirts.

The image above is one of Jordan's t-shirts inspired by John Casavette's "Husbands."  Jordan's shirts can be found in Hannah Clark as well as the inimitable den of downtown cool, Opening Ceremony.

newmuseum.jpgThe New Museum of Contemporary Art just opened in its new home on the Bowery in New York City. The ad campaign for their launch is nothing short of breathtaking.

Live at Other Music

liveatothermusic.jpgFrom the bricks and mortar home of the best curated music collection in the country comes short films of in store live sets. Other Music recently launched their digital download service, a one stop shop for all your eclectic and up-to-the-minute music needs, in one place, at one time.

The premiere short film is a beautiful stripped down set by Annie Clark from her Beggar's Banquet debut Marry Me.

Watch the short film here at