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Yo Beau!

What's the deal with cuffed pants on a suit? No one seems to be rocking it these days. Is it some thing I should try?

- Josh H., New York

Beau Ties


The daddy of dandyism, George Bryan "Beau" Brummell (1778-1840) was a style icon in Regency England, where he was quite chummy with the Prince of Wales and therefore exposed to upper class livin'. And though he was well-connected, he is probably best-known for his impeccable style and forward fashion sense. Amongst his friends, he was the go-to guy in matters relating to etiquette and fashion. It's been said that he was so meticulous about his appearance, that it took him five hours to dress. He'd even have his boots polished with champagne before outings. He was known to troll about town in beautifully cut clothes topped off with elaborate neckwear (he's credited with having introduced the suit to modern society). Not surprisingly, he was quick-witted and a charmer with the ladies. Unfortunately, Beau eventually had a falling out with his pal the prince and later went mad and succumbed to death in a prison almhouse.