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jacobs-lv.jpgThis very charming documentary by French filmmaker Loïc Prigent, follows uber-fashion maven, Marc Jacobs through the creation and presentation of the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuiton Spring Collections 2007 (with a brief stop in Tokyo where they staged a recreation of the Fall 2006 LV collection - and a mad party).

apcs2008.jpgWell, it is one of our favorite stores! That's why.

The APC spring collection just touched down. Our pick from the men's collection is the double breasted trench coat.



I personally carry a custom designed red python-skin wallet by Shelly Parker. But alas, that one is going to need retirement soon and I've found it's replacement. The new line of men's accessories by Güs look fantastic. They have created both horizontal and vertical wallets as well as our favorite, a beautiful passport folio.

Jordan Mattos

mattos1.jpgIt seems we're on a t-shirt bender this month, but we can't help ourselves. This is the other end of the spectrum from Last Exit to Nowhere. Jordan Mattos designs beautiful, hand-drawn artworks inspired by classic films on plain white T-shirts.

The image above is one of Jordan's t-shirts inspired by John Casavette's "Husbands."  Jordan's shirts can be found in Hannah Clark as well as the inimitable den of downtown cool, Opening Ceremony.

Last Exit To Nowhere

lastexit1.jpgWhile we don’t usually encourage t-shirts as a fashion choice, our inner film fan beat out the inner fashion snobbery when we found Last Exit to Nowhere.  Designer Mike Ford launched this Nottingham based T-shirt atelier in June 2007. Each design is based on fictitious companies born out of twentieth century fiction. You of course recognize Weyland-Yutani Corporation as Ripley's employer from the Alien series of films.


muji.jpgWe have long been fans of Muji. I can't say we've been using too much of the A4 stationary, but the multi-colored ball points are nice. I've coveted the sleek simplicity of their CD and DVD players for years. They are matte black boxes with three buttons and no writing. It would seem that most electronics makers still believe the world will be baffled by a series of buttons on media players that can make your music or picture pause, play or skip forward, without a dictionary worth of information backed up by false promises of useless audio and picture filters to undo countless hours of careful sound mixing and color correction. But I digress.

A World of Socks

socks1.jpgIt would appear that ties, however much we love them, now have competition from their downstairs neighbors. It is the sock's day in the sun. One should take as much care in matching (or mismatching) their socks as you would a shirt or tie. It is time to find some color and infuse some style in the nether-regions of the fashion body. If you're hiding behind plain black (or potentially worse, plain white) it's time to stretch out.

Barker Black

barker%2Bblack.jpgThe shoes caught our eye, but the bow-ties held our attention. I know skull and cross bones are dead, but, not when done by professionals (and clearly Barker Black is just that). So the the brogues with perforated Skull & Cross bones are nothing short of beautiful. I'll take black and brown please.

A.P.C - winter 2008

apc-watch.pngA.P.C.'s winter line is out. A couple items that caught our eye were the 'sergeant pepper' jacket in soft corduroy and a yet another twist on the large time-piece - a mixed digital/analog beauty in black and brushed aluminum.



It’s okay if when you think of A.P.C. you first think of jeans. Their denim comes with different “recipes� for attaining the perfect lived-in pair. True die-hards are asked to wear the jeans as long as you can possible stand it without washing (try months) then jump in the ocean, rub sand all over and let them dry in the sun. Fortunately, the rest of the clothes only need comparably easy dry cleaning. All the garments are classic enough to stick with you for the long haul with details and fabrics just interesting enough to show you care today.

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