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This is our new favorite magazine, Monocle. "A fresh focus on global affairs, business, culture, design and all you need in life." We'll let their site speak for itself. The print publication is very elegant, very beautiful and well worth a few page turns.

jacobs-lv.jpgThis very charming documentary by French filmmaker Loïc Prigent, follows uber-fashion maven, Marc Jacobs through the creation and presentation of the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuiton Spring Collections 2007 (with a brief stop in Tokyo where they staged a recreation of the Fall 2006 LV collection - and a mad party).

Jordan Mattos

mattos1.jpgIt seems we're on a t-shirt bender this month, but we can't help ourselves. This is the other end of the spectrum from Last Exit to Nowhere. Jordan Mattos designs beautiful, hand-drawn artworks inspired by classic films on plain white T-shirts.

The image above is one of Jordan's t-shirts inspired by John Casavette's "Husbands."  Jordan's shirts can be found in Hannah Clark as well as the inimitable den of downtown cool, Opening Ceremony.

Live at Other Music

liveatothermusic.jpgFrom the bricks and mortar home of the best curated music collection in the country comes short films of in store live sets. Other Music recently launched their digital download service, a one stop shop for all your eclectic and up-to-the-minute music needs, in one place, at one time.

The premiere short film is a beautiful stripped down set by Annie Clark from her Beggar's Banquet debut Marry Me.

Watch the short film here at

Holiday Music

somafm.jpgIt's that time of year again. We're winding up for the aural assault that is the holidays and bracing for the impact of that joylessly grating cacophony called Christmas music. This post will be updated (if possible) as we find more worthy entrants but, until then, here are our three picks for sticking with the season and spreading some holiday cheer.

xmas in Frisco by

Christmas Lounge by

The Rumor Mill's Christmas on Clinton Street (iTunes)

beyondnosetotail.jpgMore omnivorous recipes for the adventurous cook.

We had the unique opportunity to join a dinner at Savoy restaurant in NYC, where they were celebrating the release of “Beyond Nose to Tail� with recipes from the book, prepared by guest chefs, and authors thereof, Fergus Henderson and Justin Piers Gellatly. Beyond Nose to Tail is the follow up to Mr. Henderson’s well reviewed first collection of recipes, “The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating.�

Both books are dedicated to finer points of enjoying every part our beasty friends have to offer. From trotters to ears and everything in between. The book is a great read, written with love and appreciation, and filled with nuggets that we can’t wait to plagerize, like:

coloourlovers1.jpgThe aesthetes at Colour Lovers always have a beautiful and comprehensive breakdown of the current trends in color. From websites, to clothes to this month's top 20 magazine covers they break it down, break it out and analyze the choices, palettes and use of all things color.

These pics are just a selection from a very elegant story about the colors used in the very first printing of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900).

Code of the Boys

found1.jpgThis one just in from Jason, Davy and the fellas over at FOUND MAGAZINE. Seems to be a coda to live by.

Visit their site. Found Magazine

Pork & Sons

pork_sons.jpgThis book is a thing of beauty. From the stunning photography, to the delightful stitched illustrations of wily pigs, from the pink gingham padded cover to the - well - recipes. The book is loaded snout to tail with some of the most elegant, hard to come by and simply classic recipes of all things pork.

helvetica.jpgGary Hustwit's new documentary "Helvetica" is a thoughtful, well paced exploration of the history and contemporary impact and relevance of the typeface Helvetica.

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